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Guided Growth Internship (GGI) Program (Regular Batch):

Program Overview:

The Guided Growth Internship (GGI) Program at Mindhail is a structured and immersive opportunity designed for final year master's students or recent graduates aspiring to pursue a career in mental health counseling. Tailored to provide hands-on training and mentorship, this program offers practical exposure to diverse therapeutic approaches while ensuring individualized support and guidance from seasoned professionals.

Program Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Coverage:

    • Gain proficiency in history taking, Mental State Examination (MSE), psychological assessment, and various therapeutic modalities.

  • Real-World Experience:

    • Engage in 40 hours of direct client exposure, translating theoretical knowledge into practical skills under supervision.

  • Expert Guidance:

    • Navigate your learning journey with the personalized support of a seasoned mentor, offering valuable insights and direction.

  • Recognition and Certification:

    • Receive a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) and an internship certificate, acknowledging your commitment and competence.

  • Future Opportunities:

    • Unlock potential avenues for extended engagement and further growth within the organization based on performance and dedication.

  • Cost-Effective:

    • Avail the program at a cost-effective price of ₹5,000, making it accessible for aspiring mental health professionals.

  • Batch Time

    • 2 Months

Program Structure:

  • Weeks 1: Foundations and Understanding

    • Dive into foundational concepts such as history taking, assessments, and case history taking.

  • Weeks 2-5: Immersive Therapy Modules

    • Explore various therapy modalities intensively, with each week dedicated to a specific approach.

    • Delve into theoretical learning, case studies, role-playing, and practical demonstrations to hone your skills.

  • Weeks 5-6: Open Sessions for Discussion

    • Participate in interactive sessions to address doubts, discuss challenges, and share insights among peers and mentors.

  • Weeks 7-8: Application and Practical Exposure

    • Apply learned techniques in simulated patient interactions or real-world scenarios, receiving feedback and guidance for refinement.

  • Week 9: Conclusion and Evaluation

    • Reflect on your journey, review key learnings, and undergo individual assessment to gauge progress and competence.

    • Receive certification and acknowledgment of participation, marking the successful culmination of the program.

Additional Considerations:

  • Resourceful Learning Materials:

    • Access supplementary reading materials, case studies, and resources to enhance your learning experience.

  • Guest Speaker Sessions:

    • Benefit from insights shared by guest speakers who are experts in specific therapy modalities, providing diverse perspectives.

  • Peer Collaboration and Support:

    • Engage in a supportive environment conducive to networking, sharing experiences, and mutual learning among participants.

  • Continued Development Opportunities:

    • Explore avenues for continued education and advanced training to further refine your skills and expertise.

  • Flexible Adaptation:

    • The program remains adaptable, responsive to participant feedback and evolving needs in the field of therapy and counseling.

To see a list of therapies to be covered, click here

Embark on your journey towards professional excellence and impactful contributions to mental health care through the Guided Growth Internship Program at Mindhail.

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