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Experience of people - 05

My name is Sana Umar, and my journey has been a relentless battle against the shadows of depression, anxiety disorder, and social anxiety. There were days when hopelessness engulfed me, and I felt like I was drowning in a sea of despair. Grief seemed to lurk around every corner, and I often felt left out, isolated, and afraid most of the time. Throughout my school years, anxiety attacks and panic attacks became all too familiar. They would strike unexpectedly, leaving me gasping for breath, my heart pounding with fear. Each day was a struggle to manage the relentless anxiety that seemed to have a grip on my very being. The interests and hobbies that once brought me joy lost their appeal, and I found myself in a state of emotional numbness. It felt like I was navigating a labyrinth of suffering, with no clear path forward. Depression's grip was unrelenting, shrouding me in a constant darkness. The weight of anxiety made even the simplest tasks feel like insurmountable mountains. Each day, I battled anxious thoughts and the fear of judgment from others. Yet, despite these formidable challenges, I found moments of strength and determination. Even in the depths of despair, I refused to surrender to the darkness. My journey, marked by isolation, emotional turmoil, and frequent anxiety and panic attacks, has shaped me into a resilient individual.

(Sana Umar)

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