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Experience of people - 03

Lately, I have been getting this feeling that no one understands me or what I am going through. I try to make efforts to comfort everyone around me but no one does that for me. No one sees the efforts I make even if I do that right in front of them. No matter what I still get blamed for everything in the end. There is a friend with whom I have been living, she always says things about me in front of a group that I don't find amusing. Later she says that she was kidding when in fact the things she says are insulting and humiliating. Whenever I call her out, she always says that I don't know how a friendship works. I know how to take jokes and I don't find it offensive when others do it because they do not cross their limits but she does. She doesn't know where to draw the line. I still try to cope with it and not say a word but when I do such a thing, she always creates an argument about it. Even in that argument, I maintain her integrity and dignity but she forgets it all and blames everything on me. I end up being the childish one and she she is the mature one. Is it me? Is everything my fault?

(Samiya )

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